Eddie’s Family Grocery

This pandemic has been difficult on family and small businesses alike. To help both, we have come up with Eddie’s Family Grocery. You can skip the lines and stay safe by ordering with us via curbside pickup or delivery. It will take our community to stick together to keep each other safe and sane during this time. Please call to place your order today. Also, check out our holiday family meals.

Call and place your order with us today! (410) 544-0499.

Chicken Breast $13/4pk
Ground Beef $6/lb
CAB Burgers $15/4pk

Deli Meat

Sliced Ham $6/lb
Turkey $8/lb
Corned Beef $7/lb
Applewood Smoked Bacon $9/lb


Salmon Filet 8oz $9/filet
Mahi Filet 8oz $9/filet
Tuna Filet 8oz $10/filet


Whole Milk $4.50/1/2 gal
Skim Milk $4.50/1/2 gal
Fresh Eggs $10/flat of 30
Sliced American Cheese $5/lb


White, Wheat or Rye $5.50/loaf
Brioche Burger Buns $5.50/bag of 6
English Muffins $3/bag of 8
Original Pumpkin Muffins $7/4pk
Mini Pumpkin Muffins $5/6pk


Romaine Hearts $5/2 count
Cherry Tomatoes $3/pint
Whole Tomatoes $1.50/ea
White Onions $1/ea
Red Potatoes $5/5lbs
Strawberries $5/lb

Blueberries $4/pint
Lemon $.50/ea
Lime $.75/ea
Asparagus $4/bunch
Celery $3/bundle
Green Peppers $1/ea

Prepared Favorites

Pasta Salad $8.50/qt
Chicken Salad $15/qt
Shrimp Salad $17/qt
Tuna Salad $12/qt

MD Crab Soup $20/qt
Maple Dressing $8.99/pint
Spiced Tea $13/gallon

Ready-To-Go Kid Lunches

Pickup your virtual learning lunches for your kids!
***Order by Friday, Ready Sunday for your week.***

$5 each or Buy 4, Get 1 Free

Homemade Mac N’ Cheese

Pizza Bagel

Turkey & Cheese Triangles

Ham & Cheese  Roll Ups

Cheese Quesadilla w/ sour cream

Mini Burger Sliders

2 Chicken Soft Tacos

Pasta N’ Meatballs

All served with red grapes & a rice crispy treat!

Dinner Box

Includes everything you need to help make dinner easier, including pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards.
Choose the 2 person or 4 person option
***Order by Friday for weekly Sunday pickup***

Pizza & Pasta Box ($20/$38)
Flatbread cheese pizza and chicken asparagus alfredo.

Taco Tuesday Box ($18/$34)
Beef soft shell tacos with tortilla chips and restaurant made salsa.

Burger Box ($15/$27)
8oz angus cheeseburgers on brioche buns with potato wedges.

Pork Ribeye Box ($20/$38)
Garlic butter pork ribeyes with parmesan asparagus and rosemary roasted potatoes.

Ask about our ready-to-go kid meals! $5 each. Buy 4, get 1 Free

The Butcher

4 – 12oz Ribeye Steaks
4 – 8oz CAB Sirloin Steaks
2 – 1 lb Ground Beef

The Veggies

(4) roma tomatoes, (1) asparagus bunch, (6) ears of corn, (1) celery bunch, (2) cucumbers, (1) heart of romaine, (2) green peppers, (4) potatoes, (2) green squash, (2) onions, (2) yellow squash, (1lb) carrots, (2lbs) broccoli, (8oz) mushrooms

Just add the Steak

(2lbs) fingerling potatoes, (8oz) sliced mushrooms, (1) Vidalia onion, (1) asparagus bunch, (1) heart romaine,  and (1) English cucumber
Add: 12oz Ribeye $15/ea
Add: 8oz sirloin $14/ea

The Fruits

(1) pineapple, (1) cantelope, (1) mango, (2) lemons, (2) limes, (2) grapefruits, (4) oranges, (4) pears, (4) apples, (1) clamshell blueberries, (1) clamshell strawberries, and (2lb) grapes

Skip the Grocer

(4) chicken breasts, (1lb) ground beef, (1lb) deli ham, (1lb) deli turkey, (1lb) deli Am. cheese, (1) loaf of bread (choose white, wheat or rye), (2) heart of romaine, (2) tomatoes, (2) white onions, (1) asparagus bunch, (4) green peppers, (5lb) red potatoes, (flat of 30) eggs, (½ Gallon) milk (whole or skim), (1) paper towel roll, (2) toilet paper rolls,  and a $25 Garry’s Grill Gift Card

We also have dry goods available:   Flour $3/qt  |  Toilet Paper $.75/roll  |  Paper Towels $1.50/roll