March & April 2021 Live Music Schedule

Please join us this Spring for our upcoming musical guests. We have a full live music schedule below. If the time is not noted it is from 5 pm to 8 pm and Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm. Call for reservations and check out our dinner menu online.

Live Music Schedule

March 2021
Wednesday, March 3rd Ben Heemstra
Friday, March 5th Chris Button
Saturday, March 6th Alison Thoms
Sunday, March 7th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, March 10th Ben Heemstra
Friday, March 12th Nate and Jim
Saturday, March 13th Spencer Joyce
Sunday, March 14th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, March 17th (St Patrick’s Day) 2pm – 5pm Ben Heemstra
Wednesday, March 17th (St Patrick’s Day) 5pm – 8pm DCFD Emerald Society Bag Pieper
Friday, March 19th Skribe
Saturday, March 20th Steve Boucher
Sunday, March 21st Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, March 24th Ben Heemstra
Friday, March 26th Spencer Joyce
Saturday, March 27th Alison Thoms
Sunday, March 28th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, March 31st Ben Heemstra
April 2021
Friday, April 2nd Michael Kocher
Saturday, April 3rd Nate and Jim
Sunday, April 4th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, April 7th Ben Heemstra
Friday, April 9th The Hyland Brothers
Saturday, April 10th Michael Wasky
Sunday, April 11th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, April 14th Ben Heemstra
Friday, April 16th Alex Peters
Saturday, April 17th Nate and Jim
Sunday, April 18th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, April 21st Ben Heemstra
Friday, April 23rd Alison Thoms
Saturday, April 24th Steve Boucher
Sunday, April 25th Aaron Hawkins
Wednesday, April 28th Ben Heemstra
Friday, April 30th The Hyland Brothers
Saturday, May 1st Kim Snyder
Sunday, May 2nd Aaron Hawkins

In addition, all events and any last-minute changes will be noted on our Facebook. Make sure to follow us and also sign up for our email list. It’s a great way to be the first to find out the fun happenings at Garry’s.