Happy Birthday to Us – Garry’s Grill Turns 25!

That means we opened our doors in 1991, for all your math majors. Yup, it’s been 25 years and a lot has changed since we first opened. Back then George Bush (Senior) was in the White House, and Tim Allen was on our TV’s, grunting. Can you recall back in the day when we all didn’t have a cellphone in our back pocket? Call-waiting, remember that? It seems strange to think it has been 25 years of serving our loyal customers. That is why we want to celebrate with a throwback to the twenty think we love about 1991, besides Garry’s Grill of course.

20 Things We Love About 1991

1. Whitney Houston sings her famous rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXV.
2. Nintendo releases its 16 Bit Console, The Super Nintendo.

3. The birth of the 2G Digital Cellar Network, but what did it matter because cellar phones were almost bigger and bulkier than home phones. And no average person could actually afford one.
4. Nirvana releases Nevermind to rave the reviews of millions of angst filled teens.
5. Magic Johnson retires from the L.A. Lakers.
6. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup Championship.

7. Beauty and the Beast is released in theaters.
8. The Cost of a U.S. Postage stamp goes up from 25¢ to 29¢.

9. Seinfeld debuts on NBC.

10. National minimum wage goes from $3.80 to $4.25.
11. Dances with Wolves won the Academy Award for best picture.
12. Chicago Bulls win the NBA Championship.
13. MC Hammer starts a fashion trend = Hammer Pants!

14. First Cyber Cafe opens in San Fransisco.
15. Johnny Carson retires from The Tonight Show.
16. Minnesota Twins win the World Series.
17. Terminator 2 is released in theaters, giving us the eternal phrase, “Hasta la Vista, Baby.”

18. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch rocked the radio with “Good Vibrations.”
19. Anthony Hopkins scared the heck out of us in Silence of the Lambs.
20. Patrick Swayze was named by People magazine as the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

So much is different now, right? Hopefully, you have gotten a chuckle. We did when putting this together! One thing that has not changed since 1991 is that Garry’s Grill is still serving fresh and delicious food to satisfied customers.