5 Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas

5 Alternative Valentine's Date IdeasValentine’s Day has long been a holiday celebrating love. Over the years we have taken what was once a pagan fertility festival celebrated by the Romans and turned into a frenzy of flowers and cards and chocolates. While many people associate it with romantic love, there are many approaches for celebrating this day, for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are single, a couple, or chose to observe it as a family. We’ve got some great alternative Valentine’s date ideas.

1. Give Mom a Little Love

Why only celebrate mom one day a year? Take the opportunity to treat your mom to a little Valentine’s Day pampering. Take her to breakfast or lunch and perhaps a little shopping or a visit to the spa. While a card is a nice thought, she will no doubt appreciate spending the time with you.

2. Make it a Daddy-Daughter Date

Or Mother-son, mother-daughter… you get the idea. We often get so busy with carpooling, activities, and school. Studies have shown that our kids benefit from one-on-one time with each parent. And, what would be cuter than getting dressed up for a special date night with your daughter or son? Use it as a chance to focus on them and catch up. This time is all too fleeting. Give them a moment they will remember forever.

3. Best Friends Forever

Partners come and go, but best friends are forever. Valentine’s day is as good a time to commemorate being single as any. Recently, “Quirkyalone Day” celebrations have become more and more popular. Take the opportunity to catch up with a best girlfriend or buddy over a delicious meal.

4. Say Thanks to a Favorite Aunt or Uncle

Have an aunt or uncle who has been influential in your life? Someone who has always been there, offering advice, or coming to your rescue? Say thank you by treating them on Valentine’s Day.

5. Family Date Night

A typical “traditional” Valentine’s Day can be stressful, and quite expensive. Babysitters, expensive pre-fixe dinners, and gifts can seem fo superfluous, especially if you are raising little ones. Why not bring everyone to dinner? Imagine a night where everyone gets to eat their favorite meal, and you don’t have to clean up. Give yourselves the night off.

This year, on February 14th, ditch the cards and chocolate. Why not try one of these alternative Valentine’s date ideas and let Garry’s Grill be a part of your celebration? Allow us to take care of you. We offer a variety of delicious dishes, sure to please everyone. Heck, you may even start a new tradition to look forward to, year after year.