Garry’s Menu Showdown Summary 2017

Each month, we ask our loyal Garry’s customers which food they would prefer if given two choices. It’s the ultimate battle between “good” and “better”. And, for some, it turned out to be quite a difficult decision. So, who won the monthly menu showdown you ask? Well, the crowd has spoken, the votes have been tallied, and the winners have been decided. Check out the results to find out if your favorites made the final cut!

menu showdown soup

Hearty Beef Chili vs. Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup

Chili wins the poll by one vote! In a surprising turn of events, the Maryland staple went up against a warm winter classic and the chili came out victorious. So, the next time you stop by for a meal, order a cup or bowl of our 3-bean chili with beef tenderloin and fresh ground beef topped with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese vs. Great Big BLTmenu showdown sandwich

And…it’s a tie! It’s just too hard to pick the superior sandwich here. Unsurprisingly, crispy apple-wood smoked bacon and gooey cheesy goodness are on par with one another. We can’t blame you for finding it hard to choose just one. And, of course it’s worth noting that both sandwiches are topped with bacon.

menu showdown breakfast

French Toast vs. Waffles

French toast wins! But, as it turns out most of you are a fan of both breakfast sweets. Indeed, the thick slices of freshly baked cinnamon swirl bread dipped in vanilla-cinnamon egg wash are simply too hard to resist.

Spicy Wings vs. Mild Wings

Spicy chicken wings win by a landslide! With over 80% of the votes, our smoked bone-in jumbo spicy wings win the popular vote. Some just like it hot!

menu showdown seafoodCrab Puffs vs. Coconut Shrimp

Crab puffs take the win by a single vote! Although many are privy to both types of seafood, the crab puffs narrowly held on for the lead. Try one or both appetizers during your next lunch break. Our crab puffs consist of mini crab cakes dipped in beer batter and fried to a golden brown. While, our coconut shrimp features coconut-crusted jumbo shrimp, lightly fried and served with General Tso’s dipping sauce.

Scrapple vs. Sausagemenu showdown meat

Scrapple wins, but it was a very close race! As it turns out, the thin and crispy breakfast meat is quite popular these days. But, there’s still room in our hearts for a good sausage patty or maple link sausage.

Stay tuned for another monthly menu showdown on Facebook! As always, we appreciate your feedback and continued support. And, if you find the energy to leave your cozy house this winter, stop by Garry’s Grill for some signature warm dishes.