The Garry’s Grill Family

garrys-grill-familyBe it regular or a new customer, many have commented over the years about the employees at Garry’s Grill. Many tell us how well we work together as a team, being sociable and friendly to all our patrons. To some, it may even seem like work is fun. Well, it is. In today’s fast-paced world, it is priceless having people you work with be your second family.

I see them more than I see my family. When you have a small business, especially a restaurant, your employees become your family.” – Eddie Conway, Owner

It is true that we feel like family, after all, some of us actually are. Eddie’s own brother-in-law is also the General Manager of Garry’s. But it isn’t just relationships that make the team work well together; there are many other factors that make up the Garry’s Grill family.

Dedication and Hard Work

The entire team is super dedicated and would do anything for each other. Some employees trek over an hour from as far as Denton and Ocean City, braving Bay Bridge traffic to work at Garry’s. And, in fact, they are part of 15 employees that have worked with Eddie since he bought the restaurant in 2008. Eddie believes in creating a quality workplace. In keeping his employees happy they pay it forward and keep the customers happy. Therefore, building a successful business.

I like to think everyone is loyal because we take care of them. Not only financially, but we are flexible and understand they have families outside of work.” – Eddie Conway

If you haven’t seen the fun and excited of the Garry’s Grill family, then the holidays really start bringing it out. During the holiday season, you will see servers donning Santa hats, hostesses in overly festive holiday sweaters and fun jewelry. The team gets into it, and the customers love it.

A Supporting and Loving Family

While customers are why we do what we do – it is also about showing each other appreciation. Every year the team gets together for a party at the beginning of January. The restaurant closes early, and the employees and their family members gather at Dave and Busters to have some fun. Everyone loves hanging out and catching up. Eddie considers it a way to say thank you to everyone for their hard work and dedication of the past year.

The bottom line is, I truly would do anything for my employees. My motto is I take care of the employees the employees take care of the customers, and it comes full circle. Essentially life is about taking care of people in general, so that’s how I look it.” – Eddie Conway

The Garry’s Grill family is here for each other, and help each other out in need. Eddie has even offered turkeys for Thanksgiving to employees and given extra bonuses to employees to help in financial difficulties. At the end of the day, our customers and loyal patrons really make it the most amazing place to work. We are very thankful for Garry’s Grill, and we hope you are too!

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  1. We have been loyal customers since Garry first opened. We watched Eddie move thru the jobs, and eventually buy Garry out. Eddie is what you want in a business owner – honest, caring, both for the customer as well as the employee. You can see that his employees enjoy working there, and their attitude is what makes the Grill the success that it is.
    There are a lot of restaurants in the area, but this has to be one of the best, if not the best for family dining.