10 Reasons to Love Thanksgiving

With all of the hype surrounding Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. And it’s a shame, because what’s not to love? To be honest, we couldn’t think of anything. It’s a holiday solely dedicated to eating incredible food, spending time with family and friends, and being grateful for what we have. Here are ten reasons why we love Thanksgiving with all of our heart.

1. Eating, eating, and more eating. Thanksgiving food is heavenly, and we all love a good food coma. 

love Thanksgiving turkey

2. Non-stop football. Of course, it’s more fun to watch snuggled up on the couch after eating your weight in turkey. 

love Thanksgiving football

3. It’s a whole day dedicated to being thankful. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how lucky we are. 

love Thanksgiving cheers

4. You get to catch up with those family members that you haven’t seen in a while. Hugs and smiles are a dime a dozen. 

love Thanksgiving happy

5. No gift-giving is involved. Save that stress for December.

love Thanksgiving gifts

6. You get to dress fancy. Now is your chance to step up your game and show off that expensive outfit you’ve been saving. 

holiday dress

7. Pumpkin Pie. Need we say more?

love Thanksgiving pie

8. You get the day off of school and work to enjoy the best things in life: food, family, and football. 

holiday day off

9. There will be leftovers. So, you can look forward to Thanksgiving Part 2 and 3 in the near future. 

love Thanksgiving leftovers

10. It’s an excuse to drink and be merry. In that case, let’s pop the champagne and let it flow! 

holiday drinks

Turkey Day is only a few weeks away, and we know you’re busy preparing for it. And, Garry’s Grill would love to help you out with the dessert portion. Try some of our seasonal options, like Autumn Apple Cheesecake or Espresso Mousse Cake featuring chocolate cake, coffee, and crème mousses. We wish you a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!