Warm Dishes for Cold Weather

Nothing cures the winter blues quite like cozy, comfort food. Once the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, we are more than happy to stay indoors and indulge in some warm dishes and hot cocoa. Winter can be quite brutal, but the food and cooking shouldn’t have to be. These breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees at Garry’s are sure to keep you warm throughout the chilly season. 

Eddie’s Big Breakfast warm dishes french toast

If you can’t decide what to order, just order everything. Our loaded entree comes with two eggs, two pancakes or two pieces of French toast, golden hash browns and your choice of any two; bacon, maple link sausage, sausage patties, Canadian bacon or scrapple. You’ll be tempted to repeat this order for many breakfasts to come. On the other hand, if you don’t think you can eat it all, you can never go wrong with ordering our Berry French Toast.

Baked Chicken Tortellini

Comfort foodies will love this dish. Our Baked Tortellini features sautéed chicken breast with spinach in a roasted red pepper cream sauce, tossed with cheese filled tortellini pasta. So, not only does it taste divine, but we use only the best of ingredients. Not to mention, we top it off with breadcrumbs and bake to a golden brown. In short, everyone will be asking for seconds.

Fried Egg Burgerwarm dish fried egg burger

Trust us, our newest burger is worth every single bite. The juicy burger comes topped with cheddar cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon and a fried sunny side up egg with lettuce and tomato. And, with the added flavor of smokey bacon, this isn’t your traditional burger. Go ahead, indulge a little.

Maryland Vegetable Crab Soup

Try our creative and delicious take on a local favorite. Our soup is loaded with vegetables, and the chicken broth boasts great flavor. And above all, the chunks of crab meat add that delicious texture and taste that Marylanders are accustomed to. Get a cup or bowl to share!

Of course, everyone needs a break from cooking every once in a while. So, when you find the energy to leave your cozy house this winter, stop by Garry’s Grill for some warm dishes. And, be sure to check out our customers’ five favorite Garry’s dishes here.