Eddie’s 10th Anniversary of Owning Garry’s

10th Anniversary of Eddie Owning Garry'sGarry’s is a staple in the Severna Park Community since 1991. And if you know Eddie’s Story, you know the original owner, Garry Anderson, was both a mentor and a friend. Having started as a dishwasher, Eddie Conway worked his way up to eventually making an offer to buy the restaurant from Garry. Now, on Eddie’s 10th Anniversary, we are looking back and to the future of what makes Garry’s so great.

Garry’s Means Family

Eddie has always said the Garry’s staff is family. Many have been there since Eddie took on being a restaurant owner. Nick Brodenski, a manager at Garry’s, and his brother-in-law is family in many regards. Nick reflects back on the night Eddie became the owner:

During Eddie’s first night of owning the restaurant, his mom, Deb, wanted to congratulate him. So, just before it became official at midnight, she organized to have the manager call Eddie to tell him that he needed to come to Garry’s to solve an issue. When he arrived, his mom, his sister, the manager, and myself were waiting to congratulate him. Deb purchased an item for $100 making it the first $100 he made as the owner.”

Eddie also isn’t above making sure everyone gets a good laugh and enjoys their time working at Garry’s.

Over the years, Eddie has been know to dress up in the spirit of the holidays in outfits such as Santa, Elf and, a leprechaun.”

It’s no surprise either, as Eddie loves what he does for a living. He appreciates all of his customers for their unrelenting support and is passionate about providing them the very best food and service. Therefore, in honor of Eddie’s 10th Anniversary of owning Garry’s he would like to offer something sweet in return. For every customer that comes in on Monday, June 18th and buys an entree, you will get a free slice of cake!

Want to Show More Love?

When Eddie took over the business, it was important to him to continue to support the local community. That is why he is asking his loyal customers to help him support organizations that are near and dear to him. If you would like to give Eddie an anniversary gift, we please ask you to donate to one of the organizations or causes below:

Ellicott City Flooding

In May, Ellicott City was devastated by another flood, the second one in two years. As a business owner, Eddie understands the impact this can make on small businesses and the surrounding community. He is asking that you help support the rebuilding of these establishments. To find a list of Ellicott City businesses that need help, visit here. It takes a community to thrive.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Being a father himself, Eddie can only imagine the difficulties families face when their child is sick. To make sure no child and their family go without help, please considering donating to end childhood cancer. This helps make sure families don’t receive medical bills while their children fight for their lives. It also helps fund research. To learn more, visit their website.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Last, but not least, consider donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They provide free mammograms, support early detection and education, along with support services. This is an important organization for Eddie, as 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. These are the mothers, sisters, and family members in our community. If you are unable to donate monetarily, consider volunteering.

Note from Eddie

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support! Severna Park is an amazing community and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Thank you, Garry, for your wisdom and guidance – and giving me the opportunities to step up as a young man. I am humbled by all the love everyone has shown. Garry’s has some fun things happening and I am excited to see what the next 10 years will bring!” – Eddie

Stop into Garry’s soon and be sure to congratulate Eddie on his 10th anniversary of ownership. Also, we encourage everyone to share your favorite memory of being at Garry’s on Facebook, Instagram or leave us a review on your favorite review site. Thank you.