3 Foods You Should Only Eat in Maryland

There is no doubt that Marylander’s balk at eating certain foods anywhere but here. And let’s be honest we have all cringed when visiting another state and someone orders sacred Maryland cuisine (Crabcakes in Ohio? Nope!). So, if you are new to Maryland, or need a solid argument to back you up, we have all the information here on foods you should only eat in Maryland.

The Severn River - Foods You Should Only Eat in Maryland

There is just something about crab cakes, we just like to put them on everything.


Crabcakes are the quintessential Maryland food and should really never be eaten anywhere but here. Every restaurant has their own recipe that they secretly guard. Ask anyone and they will tell you their favorite place to order crabcakes (Garry’s of course!). We are proud of our recipe, and many of our customers are loyal fans. Haven’t tried ours? One bite and you will see why! We have many options from our traditional dinner to our crab puff appetizer, to a rich crabcake eggs Benedict (The Severn River). The hard part is figuring which dish to order!


Some call it striped bass, Rock, or striper. No matter what you call it, Rockfish is a delicious, succulent whitefish. Some people even consider it Maryland’s State Mascot (just kidding). Whether you order it sauteed, baked, or fried, you are in for a real treat. Looking to try a tasty Rockfish dish? Our Maryland Rockfish Dinner is a delicious choice made only better by being topped with creamy crab. Craving traditional fish and chips? Try our version, The Anne Arundel, made with our exclusive Old Bay beer battered and fried Rockfish.


We are not talking about the creamer you put in your morning coffee. But soup. Two kinds of soup, combined together. In one bowl. Two unlikely flavors, that like any perfect marriage, blend magically. Maryland Cream of Crab, and Maryland Crab and Vegetable soup. Residents of the Old Line State love turning on their visiting friends and family to this gastronomic treat. It is a delicious mixture of a creamy, rich soup and an Old Bay seasoned tomato base soup filled with veggies. Honestly, both kinds of soup are incredibly tasty on their own, so try one or both!

Hungry? Garry’s Grill is always cooking up delicious dishes. Come on in and try some of the foods you should only eat in Maryland!