10 Reasons to Order Garry’s Grill Takeout

10 Reasons to Order Garrys Grill Takeout

Do you really need a reason to order Garry’s Grill takeout?

There are days when super mom is not feeling so super. Or times when you want to impress someone with a homecooked meal, but you have zero kitchen skills. How about those days when you are working late and you know the only thing in the fridge is an old jar of mayonnaise? We have the solution: order Garry’s Grill takeout! Our whole menu is available. What could be more convenient than that? Here are reasons to order Garry’s takeout, tonight!

1. Mom Cold vs. Dad Cold

Have you seen or heard of woman cold vs. man cold? As funny as it is, being sick is no joke, and when the folks are under the weather, cooking is the last thing anyone wants to do. The simple solution? Feed the family by picking up Garry’s Grill. So many options, from healthy to comfort food. We have soup to make anyone feel better, plus an awesome kids menu.

2. Impress Your Date

Like we mentioned before, Garry’s Grill takeout is a great way to impress a date when you possess zero kitchen skills. So, get out the matching plates and silverware, pick some flowers from the yard, and set a lovely table. All you need to do is slide any of our delicious meals onto the plate and, Voila! A meal to impress even the most Epicurean guest.

3. Make it a Movie Night!
Have a picnic in the living room! Whether you like an old Hollywood classic or the latest action flick, why settle for boring popcorn when you could have a delicious meal prepared by Garry’s? We have the perfect meal for whatever you are craving!
4. (Insert Name of Sport Here) Practice

Shuttling the kiddos all over creation seems to be a parent’s duty these days. Sometimes, practices end late, and everyone is ravenous. Avoid the unhealthy temptation of the drive thru and order Garry’s. We have a variety of meals sure to please everyone in the family.

5. You Need to Go to the Market

Nothing seems more lonely than the solitary bottle of ketchup or jar of may staring at you when you open the fridge. Haven’t had time to go to the market? It’s ok; we can hold you over until you get there! And, look, we will not judge if you even order something extra tonight so that you have lunch tomorrow too!

6. In the Mood for Something Yummy

Got a hankering for Crab Cakes? In the mood for a spicy chicken dish? Craving a rich pasta dish? Garry’s has the cure for what you crave. From burgers piled high with the fixin’s to creamy pasta to healthy salads, we have what you need when that hunger strikes.

7. Zero Cleanup!

The best part about ordering out? No Dishes! When you pick up dinner, there are no pots and pans to scrub, no equipment to wipe down, no messes to clean up. That is reason enough!

8. It’s Friday, and No One Wants to Cook
After a week of hustling the kids to and from practice, long days in the office, or stressful situations on the road, why not unwind, put your feet up and let someone else do the cooking. Friday nights were made for take out. But remember, before you kick off your shoes, someone still needs to come by and pick it up. Rock, paper, scissors anyone?
9. Make the Kiddos/Wife/Husband Happy

Surprise the family with their favorite dinner! When you order from Garry’s, you make sure everyone loves what they are eating tonight. What a great way to make for a fun and appetizing dinner.

10. Honestly, It’s Ok to Admit You Are Feeling Lazy

We don’t judge. In fact, we are right there with you. There have been many nights when we are simply feeling lazy and just don’t want to cook. It’s ok. We feel for you. Let us take care of dinner. You relax and let go. You deserve it!

While we have given 10 reasons to order Garry’s Grill Takeout tonight, you really never need a reason. You are hungry, we make delicious food, it is a winning combination. Call now and place your order and dinner will be served in no time!