Our Customers’ 5 Favorite Dishes at Garry’s Grill

breakfast bomb

Lookin’ for comfort? Try the Breakfast Bomb!

We all have our favorite dishes at our favorite restaurant. Some folks will not even look at a menu. They know what they want. The come to that particular restaurant for that particular meal. Others will go through the ritual of searching the menu in the hope of going off course and trying something new. However, all the effort is for naught, for as much as they want to try something different, they just cannot bring themselves to do it.

This is often the case here at Garry’s Grill. Our regulars are loyal, and we love them for that. There are certain meals that they have threatened to “tie us to a tree in the middle of nowhere and leave us to the wolves” if we decided to stop making them. While we are sure they are exaggerating (we HOPE they are exaggerating), however, there are five favorite dishes at Garry’s Grill that we promise to feature forever (or at least through all our days on this Earth).

1. Sesame Chicken

The perfect combination of textures and tastes our Sesame Chicken has always been a favorite. We take a boneless chicken breast encrust it with toasted sesame seed and panko bread crumbs. Then we flash fry it and bake it. Lastly, we top it with our freshly made plum sauce and serve it with seasoned rice and chef’s vegetables. A true crowd pleaser.

2. Maryland Rockfish

A local favorite! We use locally sourced (when available) stripped Bass fillet. Prepared by seasoning and Pan searing. And to add even more Maryland flair we top it with a creamy crab and corn Old Bay™ cream sauce with sautéed bell peppers and onion. The dish is served with seasoned rice and chef’s vegetables. Hey hon, yum!

3. Breakfast Bomb

In need of comfort food? Order a Breakfast Bomb ASAP! This is a stick- to-your-ribs-southern-inspired feast. A buttermilk biscuit stuffed with sausage, scrambled egg, and American cheese, battered and fried crispy, served with golden hash browns and a side of country gravy for dipping. P.S. it is also the perfect cure for a hangover.

4. Garry’s Salad

Looking for a lite, healthy, cool meal that is not short on flavor? Try the Garry’s Salad. Candied pecans, Gorgonzola cheese, pears, strawberries, and mixed greens topped with a homemade maple Champagne vinaigrette. Fruity and delectable.

5. All American Skillet

What is more American than a plate full of meat? Well, a plate of meat and eggs, topped with cheese! We take a combination of golden hash browns, maple link sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, caramelized onions, and American cheese, top it with two eggs. All served with a side of toast. ‘Merica! Start your day off right!

Hungry now? Come on into Garry’s Grill. We have whatever you need to satisfy your cravings!