Employee Highlight: Get to Know Our Cook – Fabian

For 13 years, Fabian has been a valuable employee and a beloved member of the Garry’s family. He started working at Garry’s over a decade ago as a dishwasher on Sunday mornings and Monday nights. Throughout the years, Fabian worked hard, learned a few tricks of the trade, and waited for the perfect opportunity to move up in the kitchen. Soon, when Eddie needed a full-time prep guy, Fabian immediately stepped up to help. Since then, he’s spent his days and nights working diligently alongside Eddie and has made countless friends along the way. Without Fabian, it’s safe to say that Garry’s Grill just wouldn’t be the same.

Fabian employee highlight

The Right Man for the Job

Loyal, dedicated, and hardworking, Fabian takes great pride in his job. It’s easy to see that he enjoys doing his part to ensure the restaurant runs smoothly every single day. In turn, Eddie has trusted Fabian and given him opportunities to show his talent and capabilities in the kitchen. Likewise, Fabian likes to think of Eddie not only as his boss but as a brother and a friend too. And, he attributes his longevity at Garry’s to a passion for cooking and most importantly, his happiness at work. Fabian says that Garry’s Grill truly is his second home and he even misses work when he’s not here.

Family and Hard Work

Originally from Mexico, Fabian grew up seeing the struggles that his parents faced. So, once Fabian was old enough to work, he knew he wanted to help contribute to the family and make a better life for his brothers and sisters. He made good on his promise and still helps them today. True to character, Fabian always makes sure that his family is secure and happy first, and then he takes care of himself. And, he applies this same mindset to his customers. Plus, Fabian’s sister, Berta, also works at Garry’s and they are always looking out for one another.

Customers Always Come First

Fabian’s #1 priority is the customers. He understands the importance of making them happy. As a result, their loyalty and appreciation make him happy. Needless to say, Fabian strives to become a better cook each and every day. Not to mention, it always makes him happy when he sees that people enjoy his cooking! He even loves the busy, challenging days when he can go above and beyond to help when people are counting on him the most.

Fabian also has a number of loyal customers who visit him regularly. His favorite customers, Brian and Deanna, come into the restaurant every day to chat and share a good meal. Fabian loves talking to the customers and leaving a lasting impression on their day. Additionally, he loves grilling, making special orders that aren’t on the menu, and mastering food presentation. His favorite item on the menu is chicken salad and muffins because they’re fun to make and the customers rave about them. When Fabian isn’t cooking up customer favorites, he enjoys spending time with friends, watching sports, and seeing his favorite athletes Christiano Ronaldo and LeBron James play ball.

Next time you stop by Garry’s Grill, be sure to say hello to Fabian. He would love to hear how much you enjoy your meal! And, don’t forget about our $6 All American Burger Night on Wednesday Nights.