Eating Smarter for the New Year

We all want to eat healthier and exercise more, but many of us struggle to stay on track. Hey, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for! January calls for setting new goals and crushing them. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a fitness expert to get healthier and develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Here are some simple tips to change your bad habits so you can start eating smarter in the new year.

1. Always eat breakfast.eating smarter in the new year

If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s routinely skipping breakfast. Eating breakfast not only aids in increasing your metabolism but provides the energy you need to start the day. Try eating a healthy breakfast each day for one week, such as a slice of avocado toast, a hardboiled egg, or a banana, and notice the change in your energy levels and productivity at work.

2. Drink coffee or tea.

Swap the soda for coffee or tea. We all know that soda is addictive, high in sugar and calories, and can lead to weight gain. Therefore, its wise for your health to switch to coffee and tea for the added nutritional benefits. And, you don’t have to give up the caffeine for when you are in need of a boost.

3. Eat veggies and lean protein for dinner.

The goal is to aim for a colorful plate. That means having one or two servings of green leafy vegetables, lean protein, and a complex carbohydrate. Your lean protein can consist of salmon, grilled chicken, pork, tuna, lentils, eggs, or beans. And, your source of leafy vegetables can be cooked spinach, kale, cabbage, or broccoli. Finally, your carb can consist of brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, or butternut squash.

4. Snack smart.

Reach for light snacks that are full of vitamins that fuel your body. This includes veggies and hummus, Greek yogurt, Kind bars, a handful of almonds or cashews, and apple and peanut butter. Besides, it’s super convenient to pack and take all of these healthy snacks to the office.

5. Avoid sugary treats before bed.

Avoid eating a bunch of sugary or fatty foods right before bedtime. It can spike your blood sugar levels, keeping you awake longer and making it harder for your body to burn fat. But, if you get the sudden urge to snack late at night, pick something light like string cheese, high fiber cereal, or whole grain toast with nut butter.

6. Limit alcohol intake to the weekends.

In addition to the empty calories that you are already consuming, alcohol can also act as an appetite stimulant. Meaning, you are more likely to overeat if you are drinking regularly. However, if you are going to drink, try to limit it to the weekends and keep an eye on your portions.

7. Don’t overly restrict yourself.

Aim for the 80-20 rule of eating. Eat healthy 80% of the time and the remaining 20% can be reserved for ‘fun foods.’ Additionally, remember that for the most part eating smarter is all about making the right food choices and not overeating.

Healthy Items at Garry’s

Eating smarter at Garry’s is as simple as it gets. In fact, you can stay on track and eat healthy, delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try some of our favorite healthy dishes at Garry’s Grill, including our Healthy Choices portion on the breakfast menu.

Healthy Choice Omelette

Our healthy omelette is complete with egg whites, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, and tomatoes. And, it comes served with an English muffin and fruit cup.

Greek Salmon

Our Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet comes topped with sautéed artichoke hearts, black olives, baby spinach, feta cheese, and diced tomatoes on a bed of seasoned rice.

Healthy Chopped Salad

The Healthy Chopped salad is complete with blackened shrimp served over fresh chopped romaine lettuce with corn, black beans, pico de gallo, and diced cucumbers. Also, it comes served with a cilantro lime vinaigrette.

Berrywood Salad

Our Berrywood salad is complete with fresh mixed field greens, blueberries, strawberries, granola, and crumbled feta cheese, and served with a raspberry vinaigrette.