Get to Know Our Pastry Chef – Natalie Boden

Pastry Chef, Natalie Boden

Garry’s Pastry Chef, Natalie Boden, outside our restaurant.

Our loyal customers know that family means everything to us, at Garry’s. Not only do our customers feel like family, but the staff that makes up our great restaurant also becomes an extended family. Because of that, it is no surprise that Natalie Boden eventually became our Pastry Chef.

Growing up Natalie would visit Garry’s Grill with her family. It was a favorite place to come and feel welcome. In her early years, she also spent time baking with her grandmother. Natalie attributes her grandmother’s influence as the main inspiration for becoming a Pastry Chef. Their time baking together not only drove her passion but also solidified the importance of family.

In high school, Natalie really discovered her desire to enter the culinary field upon enrolling in a culinary class. After graduation, she worked towards an Associate’s degree in Applied Science in Baking and Pastry at Anne Arundel Community College.

Working at Garry’s

It was “meant to be” as they say. Upon her first interview, she was hired on the spot. Her spark and passion were immediately noticeable. Natalie has now been with Garry’s for two years. When asked her favorite part of working at Garry’s, Natalie says,

I love the people, both customers and co-workers. My schedule is also flexible and I am able to work around my classes.

She also notes that she admires the loyalty of many of the customers at Garry’s and how friendly everyone is.

Natalie enjoys the science of baking, and her favorite desserts to make are custards, crème brûlée, and cheesecakes. Her favorite item currently on the dessert list is the mocha mousse cake. Natalie describes her baking style as “classic but with a twist.”

The Next Step

Pastry chef cheesecake dessert

Pictured: Cookies and Cream Cheesecake

Currently, Natalie is working on her business degree at Towson University. The ultimate goal, which is supported by her work family, is to own her own pastry business. Her family, as well as her education, has prepared her for running a business, and she proudly declares, “Entrepreneurship is in my blood.” 

If you know Natalie, you already know how humble and passionate she is about what she does.

I would like to personally thank the customers for their loyalty to Garry’s, as well as their feedback.

Without question, Natalie is the type of person that everyone is rooting for. Next time you are at Garry’s make sure to say hi to Natalie. Take a look at Natalie’s quick-motion baking videos on Facebook to see her in action. And, be sure to check out the Bakery Menu to taste Natalie’s creations.