Eddie’s Favorite Lunch Items

We eat to survive but at Garry’s Grill, food is our passion. Take it from Eddie, the owner of Garry’s, who has been working at the restaurant since 2000 when he was just 14 years old. Throughout the years, while learning the tricks of the trade, Eddie discovered how much he loved the restaurant business and the surrounding community he grew up in. Today, Eddie gets a thrill out of trying new recipes with his team and introducing new flavors to his faithful customers. That being said, Eddie has a pretty good understanding of what his customer’s favorite dishes are, from Garry’s Salad and Sesame Chicken to Maryland Rockfish and more. But, if you’ve ever wondered what Eddie’s favorite lunch items are? Read on to learn his favorites!

1. BBQ Jalapeños

Eddie's favorite lunch items poppers

If the BBQ Jalapeños is Eddie’s favorite starter, then you know there’s something great happening here. We even declare it on our menu how much we recommend this starter (i.e. “You NEED to try these!”). Our BBQ Jalapeños feature house-made barbecue chicken mix stuffed into fresh jalapeños. Then, we beer batter the Jalapeño peppers and serve them up fried with a side of southwestern sour cream. According to Eddie, the bold flavors in the BBQ chicken coupled with the added kick of the crispy, hot jalapeños leave nothing to be desired. 

2. Maryland Crab Soup

It just wouldn’t be right to leave Maryland Crab Soup (a Maryland staple) out of Eddie’s favorite lunch items. “Being from Maryland, crab cakes, crab dip, crab soup – one of these are always on someone’s list of favorites.” The combination of Jumbo claw meat, apple-wood smoked bacon and a mix of fresh vegetables in a zesty Old Bay tomato broth are just so tasty that the soup could serve as a whole meal.

3. Grilled Salmon on a Caesar Salad

Out of four signature salad options, the Caesar Salad topped with grilled salmon is Eddie’s preferred choice. The Caesar Salad is served with shaved parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, house-made croutons, romaine lettuce, and Conway’s Creamy Caesar. And, while the salmon can be prepared blackened, grilled, almond crusted, or smoked, Eddie opts for grilled salmon. Additional options for salad toppers include chicken, shrimp, tuna steak, grilled Portabella mushroom, crab cake, or sirloin.

4. Man Burger

Eddie's favorite lunch items burger

The Man Burger is not your average burger and Eddie prefers it that way. This hamburger rendition features Apple-wood smoked bacon, gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, lettuce, and tomato. Additionally, it comes served with a side of A1 sauce and Dijon mustard. The Man Burger burger is stacked high and bringing the flavor! Comparatively, the Egg Burger was a close runner-up with tasty cheddar cheese, apple-wood smoked bacon, egg (over easy, over medium, over hard, or sunnyside up), lettuce, and tomato.

Stop by Garry’s Grill today and try one or all of Eddie’s favorite lunch items. And, be sure to try one of our four burger variations or one of our nine entree salads. Or, you can create your own!