Garry’s Grill is Changing

Garry's Grill is changing - Garry's Logo

Check out our new logo! It’s designed to have a vintage look and to honor the original owner, Garry. Over the years we have become much more than just a grill. We also have some surprises coming later this year!

When you step into Garry’s Grill, you are welcomed into one big happy family. To us, it’s about great food and great atmosphere. Our restaurant is home, and our customers are family too. We have generations of families that have come to Garry’s over the years. They have supported us for nearly three decades, and we are eternally grateful. And, with our continued commitment to our customers, we are always coming up with ways to improve the restaurant. Many changes have been subtle over the years, and a few will no doubt go unnoticed. We are very excited about what’s in store for this year.

The History of Garry’s

You can’t dive too far into the future without first taking a moment to appreciate our history. Garry’s Grill opened in 1991 by Garry and since has proudly served our loyal Severna Park community. From the start, our mission was to utilize the freshest ingredients to create great flavors and a unique eating experience. We also found that treating customers like family was a key difference between our atmosphere and many restaurants in the area. These two forces combined is what makes Garry’s so special!

Garry's Grill Logo

We will always love where we came from. Garry’s will always be the place where friends meet and locals eat.

In 2008, Eddie Conway bought the restaurant from his friend and mentor, Garry. Through years of growing up in the restaurant industry and at Garry’s, he wanted to continue the clear vision, while adding his own spin.

Food Expansion!

So what has changed over the years? For starters, our loyal customers have grown us into a prominent catering business. We believe that catering is an art and a science, and over the years we have strived to get better with every event. When you sign up for Garry’s catering, you can expect that we will take pride in assisting you with designing the perfect menu, preparing quotes and proposals, and coordinating with Maryland venues. We offer an array of breakfast catering packages, as well as luncheon menus and additional services, like passed appetizers and bartending. If you thought that dining at Garry’s was a one-of-a-kind experience, then you need to experience our catering services.

Another aspect of Garry’s that has changed is our bakery, which is packed with fresh pastries and treats made in-house by our talented pastry chef, Natalie Boden. As you probably already know, we bake all of our fresh bread, muffins, and desserts which ensure our customers can enjoy the finest quality menu items. And, every so often we like to introduce new and delicious seasonal dessert options, like autumn apple cheesecake, espresso mousse cake, and sweet potato pie. We also prepare gluten-free options as well. Not to mention, we are always delighted to customize a personal cake for your parties and celebrations.

Something is Brewing at Garry’s

Some might know already that 2018 is a big year for Garry’s. We have updated our website, logo, and there is still more to come! Our logo was created with an ode to the old but still have an updated look. We pay homage to our roots by keeping the signature chef hat in the new logo. We went to a black and white logo to match the old black and white photos of Severna Park we have in our restaurant. It was also important to update our online experience. We want to make sure it is easy for all our customers to find exactly what they are looking for, menus to blog. But don’t worry, our website address stays the same! We will always want to be tied to Garry’s Grill, we are just dropping the ‘grill’ as so many of our clients do already.

That’s not all! You may have noticed, but we have a significant expansion to the ‘outside’ coming in December this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

Whether you are a regular or trying Garry’s for the first time, you can expect nothing but excellence. Garry’s is the Severna Park hangout and everyone feels like family around here. Stop by and see us today!