7 Back to School Lunch Ideas

It’s back to school season, and that means its time to start packing lunches again. Start the year off right with some fun, healthy meals. After all, lunch is every kid’s favorite time of day. Plus, lunch gives them an extra boost of energy and brainpower needed to get through the rest of their classes. This year, don’t be afraid to add a few fun surprises to their lunch box. For some added inspiration, here are seven awesome school lunch ideas. 

1. DIY Lunchableschool lunch ideas

Let your kids make their own Lunchable. Here’s how to make the pizza kind. Pack a pita, cup of pizza sauce, some cheese and pepperoni. You can also make the lunch meat kind. To do so, simply pack crackers, cold cuts, and cheese. Even more, they’ll have fun putting the ingredients together themselves.

2. Fresh Cut Fruits and Veggies

If you can, always pack fruits and veggies with your child’s school lunch. And, even if it’s difficult getting the kids to eat them, there’s likely something out there they will enjoy. For example, berries are the perfect bite-size treat. Not to mention, oranges, cucumbers, melon, grapes, peppers, and celery are also great options. Also, try cutting them up to make them easier for your kids to eat.

3. Breakfast for Lunch

Surprise them with breakfast for lunch! All you have to do is make some waffles or pancakes at home. And, you can even cut them into hearts and other fun shapes. They don’t even need syrup. Pair the “breakfast” with fruit instead.

school lunch ideas

4. Peanut Butter Apple Rings

To make this healthy food, grab an apple and start removing the core. Then, cut the apple into thick rings. Next, spread your favorite peanut butter on top of the rings. For the final touch, you can sprinkle on nuts or raisins. Small pieces of fruit, like blueberries or cut-up banana, also taste yummy on top.

5. Tacos

If your kid loves tacos, why not pack them for lunch? Pick up some chopped lettuce and taco cheese at the grocery store and don’t forget the tomatoes and tortillas, too. Also, you can add chicken, beans, avocado slices, onions, and other toppings.

6. Leftovers

Have any leftovers from dinner last night? Your kid can take them for school lunch. Pizza, quesadillas, cold sandwiches and wraps are perfect for this. Whether it’s homemade food or from a restaurant, they’ll love the familiar flavors.

7. Salad

For older kids, salad is a great choice. And, not only is it healthy and refreshing, but it tastes good, too. Add their favorite dressing and get creative with toppings. Also, chickpeas, nuts, apple slices, feta cheese, and shredded chicken are just a few ideas.

With a healthy, filling lunch waiting for them, your kid is sure to look forward to lunchtime. And, you’ll get to feel good knowing they’re getting the nutrients they need. Further, you can even try some of these ideas as after-school snacks.

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