Tips to Throwing a Graduation Party to Remember

Graduation Party Tips


Graduation season is almost here, and if you are like one of the many who has a child graduating , then we got some tips to give your graduation party they will always remember.

Pick a Date Now.

Keep in mind, your child isn’t the only one graduating. Not only do you want your family to be present, but also their friends. Not to mention they will want to be at their friend’s too. Try to pick a date in advance so your student can schedule around their own party. Also, consider doing a joint or group graduation. Team up with their best friend or a close family member, that way everyone is present for both! Just make sure to pick a date soon, because the days after graduation will be in hot pursuit.

Have a Themed Party.

Yes, they are graduating, but it doesn’t just have to be Class of ’16 themed. Think outside the box. Consider a theme that speaks to your student, really shows their personality. You can make it themed around the college or career choice they want to pursue. Or, you could theme it around a throwback to them growing up. Whatever it is, the more personal the better. Not sure where to start? We suggest this Pinterest board for more ideas.

Figure Out the Guest List.

Don’t leave this up to your kid. This might be all about them but is also a great way for them to thank those who helped them get here and for showing their support. We don’t always realize those are a lot of family friends, not necessarily who they sit next to in Chem. It is important to figure this out so you can send graduation announcements and party invitation in time, especially if you have family out of town. However, consider have your child make a secondary list of friends they can invite outside of the main guest list. That way you don’t have to spend money on all those invites to other students that may not be able to come.

Food Everyone Will Love.

Here we have it, the invites were sent, people are coming now it is up to you to come through. With all the organizing and setup you have to do, we highly recommend hiring a caterer, such as Garry’s Grill & Catering. We offer many different catering packages to suit any taste or budget. We also offer rentals such as tables, linens, chairs, tents, glassware, etc. Remember, you should enjoy this too. You got your kid to the finish line, and that means you should let someone else do the cooking.

Everyone at Garry’s Grill would like the congratulate the Class of 2016! Graduation is an achievement and like all big achievements they should be rewarded. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your throw a graduation party to remember.