4 Reasons to Treat Your Employees to a Catered Lunch

Be the hero of the office by providing a catered lunch to your employees. Everyone deserves to be treated to a lunch every once in a while, especially when you notice that some of your employees tend to work through their lunch break. Thirty minutes is the average allotted time for a lunch break, which can cause stress for those employees who forget their lunch that day. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should cater lunch at the workplace.

1. Increased Morale

What is the quickest way to your employees hearts? Their stomachs. No really, it is true. Sometimes the simple act of getting lunch a few times a month show how you value your employees. Employees feel more valued when you pay attention to their needs, like the need to take a break and grab lunch. The costs of unhappy employees can outweigh the costs of lunch.

2. Stronger Bonds between Employees

4 Reasons to Treat Your Employees to a Catered LunchOn average, most full-time workers in the United States spend more time with work colleagues than with their actual family. Providing a catered lunch will be a great incentive for colleagues to eat together and get to know each other on a more personal level. This helps create better working relationships.

3. Increased Productivity

Providing employees a delicious meal from will leave your employees feeling valued for the contribution they bring to the team. Psychologists actually deem lively socialization necessary for productivity. This leads to a better mental wellbeing and helps your bottom line.

4. Tax Deductible

The cost of a catered lunch definitely seems priceless when it comes to how great it can make the workplace feel. On average, a catered lunch from Garry’s Grill and Catering is considerably a lot less than treating everyone to lunch at a popular chain restaurant. All in all the icing on the cake would be that a catered office lunch is actually tax deductible for your business.

If you can’t remember the last time your office has bought everyone lunch, then forward this blog over to the head honcho and say Garry’s Grill and Catering is waiting for your lunch order.