6 Reasons Garry’s Grill Holiday Catering is Awesome

Every year it is easy to get swept up in the holiday hustle and bustle. We spend hours, even days shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. Why not let someone else do the work this year! Order Garry’s Grill Holiday Catering. Sit back, relax, let us take care of everything.

1. Sleep in Late!

Forget about setting the alarm Thanksgiving morning. Order holiday catering and forget about getting up at the crack of dawn and putting the turkey in the oven.

2. Impress the Mother-in-Law

When you place a holiday catering order, you will never have to worry about dry turkey and stuffing or burnt pie crusts. Impress your mother-in-law and other family members with delicious, creative dishes. Oh, and, consequently, your secret is safe with us.

3. Everyone Loves a Parade

This year you could actually have the time to sit and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or go to a local parade in town! Not a fan of parades, but love football? Cater your holiday and enjoy the free time to catch the Big Games and cheer on your favorite team.

4. Enjoy Your Guests

Let us do all the cooking and have time to enjoy your family. Or, have the time to drink more eggnog so that you can tolerate your family. Either way, we can all agree, catering is a time saver.

5. No Pots and Pans to Scrub

No dish pan hands this Thanksgiving for you! Do you usually have the kids do the dishes? No worries, there. You can send them outside to rake leaves, clean the gutters, or mow the grass. Either way, relax; you’ve earned it!

6. Saves You Money (and Your Sanity)

While you may think only the rich and famous can have their holidays catered, you are wrong! Consider the time and money spent researching, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Not having to do all of that is priceless! Not to mention the stress of making sure everything is perfect. This year, Garry’s Grill has got your covered!

Do you really need more reasons to order Garry’s Grill Holiday Catering? Contact us for more information!

*Just a Reminder* Garry’s Grill is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day so that we can enjoy food, fun, and family, too!