Are You Obsessed with Coffee?

How do you know if you’re obsessed with coffee or if you’re just a lover of the dark roast that brews each morning? Do you simply enjoy a good cup every now and then or is it the first thing you think of when your alarm rings? Here are a few signs that may hint whether you’re truly obsessed with coffee or if you’re just a casual drinker of the piping hot Cup o’ Joe.

Obsessed with Coffee

Headaches Appear

Do you notice that if you miss your morning coffee you get a powerful headache later in the day? There is actually a window of time in which you need to have that caffeine “fix” in order to avoid a doozy of a headache. For some, it’s within two hours or so of not getting that fresh cup.

Multiple Options at Home

When it comes to brewing the perfect cup of coffee, there’s not just one way to do it. There’s the regular community pot you can share with your friends, the Keurig where you can brew it one cup at a time, and don’t forget the Espresso machine. You can also choose to grind your own beans at home or buy them already ground at the store. And then there’s the type of coffee you prefer that offers endless options. And as a tried and true coffee lover, your mug collection is quite extensive too.

You Know the Perfect Way to Fix Your Coffee

Much like a scientific formula, you know exactly what you want in your coffee, how much, and what type of mixture works best. It all starts with the amount of coffee you have before the precise measurements of cream and sugar can be executed. Plus, you can never get enough of that perfect “coffee cream swirl” moment.

You Know the Flavors by The Season

Just the way some people track their favorite sports teams, you track your favorite seasonal coffee flavors. Blueberry, pumpkin, and cinnamon roll are all on a rotating schedule. And, you know the exact date to find and purchase them.

Where’s the Coffee?

You know you might be obsessed with coffee when the first thing on your mind when you arrive on vacation is the location of the nearest coffee shop. Some people even like to look it up ahead of time or bring along their own coffee essentials.

Your Local Coffee Shop

You’re best friends with your barista, and they know your name and order without you having to say a word. And, you probably spend more money on coffee than you would care to admit.

Favorite Chain

When you’re not in your town, you have a favorite chain that you remain loyal to. You know what to order and how to ask for it so that it’s the perfect cup every time.

Do you find yourself relating to any of these signs? Maybe you have some that aren’t even listed here. Being obsessed with coffee is not a bad thing when there is just so much to love about it. Coffee simply offers you a warm and delicious way to start every day the right way!