Which Burger is Better? Medium Rare vs. Well Done

A big juicy burger is what you’re after. You’ve got the grill ready to go, and you’re about to start cooking, but what type of burger are you going to cook? Are you going to cook it completely well done or will you cook it only until it is medium rare? Overall, which burger is better in this age? Learning the difference between medium rare and well done is a great start to deciding what the right burger for you is. Here are some tips and tricks to determine what is the better burger and which one you’ll be cooking this time.

which burger is better

Medium Rare

Medium-rare meat means that you have a very juicy, red center still left in the burger after cooking.  The outside of the burger has a good-looking char to it and tastes delicious. However, many people are nervous that the inside is still red and is not cooked all the way through.

Well Done

This version of the burger can sometimes be called dried up with no juice left and brown throughout the patty. While some believe that you can’t have a juicy, delicious burger cooked well done, others disagree. They believe that you can cook it to perfection even if you want the entire burger done throughout.

How Do You Decide?

There is a fear that beef that is not well cooked can lead to dangerous bacteria being ingested. While that may have been true in the past, most often it is not the case. If you are careful about where you choose the meat you purchase, you can reduce that risk and enjoy the medium rare, juicy burger.

There is also another way to cook it which is medium or medium well which is between the rare and fully cooked. The choice is up to you. You may be a visual person, and the fact that the meat is still red in the middle may be of concern. Others do not like the fact that often a well-done burger is crispy without any juice left.

So, Which Burger is Better?

In reality, this is entirely a personal choice. While some love to feel the juices run down the chin as they bite into a thick burger, others like to relax knowing that the meat is fully cooked. It all depends on what you prefer. You should give both a try and see which one is truly your better burger choice. You may find that you like to have it cooked in between the two. Or, you may decide that medium rare is the only way to go.

As long as you are aware of where your meat comes from or what restaurant you’re eating at, you can easily try the medium or medium rare burger without worry. So, which burger is better in your opinion?