Shrimp and Grits – Southern Influence

There are many classic American dishes that are rooted in southern tradition that span across the USA. From the fried chicken and collard greens of Mississippi to the original po’ boys of Louisiana and the smoked barbecue beef ribs of Texas, it’s easy to find southern influenced cuisine across the country.  Shrimp and grits is a legendary southern dish that people from all over the world love.

The History of Shrimp and GritsShrimp and Grits Homemade

Shrimp and grits have an interesting history leading up to its position as one of the top southern foods. The south has been known for cooking and eating grits for many, many years now. The Native Americans introduced ground corn, or hominy, to the Europeans who settled in America. And, because corn was a crop that grew year round, grits, or hominy, became a commodity and was traded between tribes and settlements.

Grits were already a well-known food, and for coastal cities like New Orleans and states like Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and North and South Carolina, eating shrimp and other seafood is a way of life. By the 1970’s, shrimp and grits became the standard breakfast for fishermen and dock workers.

As the fishermen and dock workers discovered, and many people who eat the dish now realize, it is a hearty dish. This is one reason for its popularity. Also, it is a dish that people in the southern regions of America would say “sticks to your bones.”  It is one of those foods that remind people from the south of home. And, it gives people from around the world a taste of Southern culture.

This southern delicacy has made it out into the world from travelers, friends, and family. And, people enjoy visiting the home of this dish and taking it out into the world. They can then prepare it for their loved ones or put it in their restaurant.

Variations of Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits is a combination that fits extremely well together, and there are so many variations to be created. The typical shrimp and grits are served with steamed or sautéed shrimp. However, a popular variation is to use fried shrimp instead. You will retain the same delicious taste of the shrimp while adding some crunch to the meal.

When it comes to the grits, you have the opportunity to be as tame or as adventurous as you like. Simply adding cheese to their grits suffices, but for others, they enjoy ground sausage, chopped bell pepper, or an etouffee. You can get as creative as you like but remember you don’t want to overpower the flavor of the shrimp.

Because there are many different ways to prepare shrimp and grits, chefs are able to add their personal flair to the entrée. You should find comfort in knowing there is essentially no wrong way to make shrimp and grits. You can cook it how you know your diners would like. No matter how you choose to make this Southern meal, you can be sure you are in for a treat.

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