Kids Menu Are Important Too

At Garry’s Grill, we don’t like anyone to miss out on a good meal. That’s why we created a unique list of dishes for the 12 and under crowd, filled with simpler, smaller portions of our most popular meals. The kids deserve fun and flavorful food too, and we like to offer a little something for every taste. So, check out the healthy options and favorites on our kids menu, and bring the whole family for a great meal at Garry’s.

Healthy Options

kids menu fruit

There’s something for everyone on our kids menu, from the picky eaters to the more adventurous ones. Most importantly, we have healthy options that parents can feel good about. Not to mention, we serve our sides all day long, including fresh fruit cup, fruit and yogurt, apples and caramel, celery and peanut butter, cucumbers and ranch, and more. Here are a few healthy options to consider:

  • Egg White Breakfast
    One scrambled egg white served with fresh fruit and multigrain toast
  • Oatmeal
    Creamy oatmeal served with milk & brown sugar
  • Fresh Fruit Cup
    Honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, pineapples, blueberries and strawberries


kids menu cheese q

We want the kids to see delicious and assorted options when they look at the menu, just like the adults. Undoubtedly, there is nothing bland or boring about the food on our kids menu. Here are a few favorites to try:

  • Mini Waffles
    A mini waffle served with syrup and butter, and choice of bacon or sausage
  • Crabby Patty
    Garry’s homemade crab cake served with french fries
  • French Toast
    Two slices of French toast served with syrup, butter and bacon or sausage
  • Cheese Quesadilla
    Fresh cheddar and provolone cheese stuffed in a flour tortilla and served with french fries

Next time you stop on in with someone 12 or under, try something new on our delicious kids menu! And, if you want to know more about our most popular menu items, check out our blog.