Graduation Catering in Severna Park, Maryland

graduation catering in Severna Park 1Congratulations are in order, Severna Park High School! Graduation is quickly approaching, and many of your lives will soon change as you go off to college, enlist in the military, or enter the workforce. The end is near as the last day of classes for Severna Park High School graduating seniors is May 24th and Graduation Day is on May 29th, at 10 am at UMBC. Props to all of you Falcons, and keep the momentum going! But first… let’s celebrate! After all of your hard work, you deserve a moment to revel in your accomplishment. Now, gather the cupcakes and the confetti, because we’re ready to PARTAY! Here are some tips for throwing an unforgettable graduation party complete with graduation catering in Severna Park.

Set Up a Photo Display

Because of the ease of technology today, pictures are often taken on cell phones and rarely do they ever get developed. However, instant film cameras are making a huge comeback, and the trend is taking over parties and weddings everywhere. Pictures, especially instant photos, create lasting memories that can be shared forever, so add a photo display table to your graduation party.

To make an easy Polaroid display, all you need is a guestbook, an instant camera, and some extra film. The newest models of instant cameras are affordable, and anyone can use it! And, if you’re feeling creative, pick up a few accessories to enhance the photos (e.g., fake mustaches, sunglasses, etc.). Your guests will have a blast snapping picks, pasting them into a scrapbook, and adding their own sweet, personal message to it.

Focus on the Food!

When selecting the food, try to arrange what will appeal to the greatest amount of people. Considering you will want to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends, it may be a good idea to find a caterer. Why not use Garry’s Grill for you graduation catering in Severna Park!  From the appetizers to the entrees and desserts, Garry’s has a little something for everyone’s taste. Also, our staff will set up, maintain, and clean up all food areas at the end of the night. We’ve taken care of everything.

graduation catering in Severna Park 3

Pictured: Cookies and Creme Cheesecake

…and the Dessert

Add some sweetness to your party! Create your own cake or dessert with Garry’s pastry chef, Natalie! You can make anything you like, but we recommend the Mocha Mousse Cake.

You can also take the time to add your own personal touch with an ice cream bar. Start with vanilla ice cream, and have 5-6 toppings such as chocolate or caramel syrups, crushed Oreos or Reeses, gummy bears, and chopped fruit in dishes that guests can scoop for themselves.

Make it Memorable

Bring everyone together at the end of the night for a memorable moment. Try releasing paper lanterns into the night sky for a gorgeous evening display! The lights are commonly known as “Sky Lanterns” or “Wish Lanterns”, and they symbolize your troubles and worries floating away. Guests can also write wishes, thoughts, or special messages and watch them float away. It’s the perfect way to send off your guests.

It’s never too early to start planning your graduation party. The special day is all about YOU after all. Good luck and best wishes to all of the 2018 graduates! You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

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