The History of Garry’s Signature Dishes

There is a unique story behind each and every signature dish at Garry’s Grill, including your own favorite dish. From the Vic Chopped Salad to the Veggie Quesadilla, there was a beginning and an evolution. Without further adieu, here is the history behind four of Garry’s signature dishes.

Seared Tuna Wrap- The Benyak Favorite

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The Seared Tuna Wrap evolved over time as a customer, Mr. Lenny Benyak, would order the ahi tuna appetizer and turn it into a wrap. The staff then decided to put it on the menu and it has quickly become a best seller at lunch. There is even a man named Larry, from the Severna Park Voice newspaper, who orders this meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Aside from the Seared Tuna Wrap, we also offer Seared Tuna as an appetizer (pictured).

Veggie Quesadilla- The Laurie Favorite

The Veggie Quesadilla, AKA The Laurie Favorite, got its name from a customer appropriately named Laurie who forever changed the way the quesadilla was prepared. After reviewing how she changed it, Eddie (the owner of Garry’s Grill) realized that she had altered it for the better. From then on, the dish became known as The Laurie Favorite on the menu.

Chris’s Kale and Beet Salad

The story behind the popular Kale and Beet Salad is quite simple. One day, Eddie decided to put one of the manager’s names (Chris) on the dish because of his incredible work ethic and dedication to the restaurant. Hey, it’s certainly a bit of an ego boost to have your name put on a menu! Plus, Chris does like to eat healthy so they go hand in hand.

The Vic Chop Salad

Signature dishes

The Vic Chop Salad was named after Vic Gue, a Sysco representative at Garry’s Grill, who has helped build the business every year. Vic mentioned one day about putting a “cobb salad” on the menu, so Eddie ultimately went ahead and added a chopped salad and put Vic’s name on it.

Now that you know the history behind some of our popular dishes, stop by Garry’s Grill and order your favorite. Perhaps, one day you could get your name on the menu too!

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  1. Eddie, thanks for sharing these stories. I find it fascinating how some of your signature dishes came to be and got their names. Thanks for consistently serving delicious food!