Tips for Event Catering Menus

Think about all the special events and ceremonies you’ve attended. While you may have forgotten the people you met or conversations had, one memory is sure to endure: the food. If you’re planning a large event, the right menu can take your special day to the next level. And, Garry’s knows how to deliver the best catering experience for big and small events alike. To help, we’ve outlined some of our best tips for choosing event catering menus.

Go With a Packageevent catering menus feature

If you’re busy with cleaning, making calls, and tracking RSVPs, sitting down to create your event catering menus can feel overwhelming. This is where pre-made catering packages come in handy. Packages allow you to choose the specific services you would like without having to sift through a large catalog of dining options. Unlike our customized menus, Garry’s catering packages outline the price. That way you can quickly find a catering solution that fits within your budget. 

…Or Customize All the Way

For those who like to be involved in every detail of the planning process, customized event catering menus are the way to go. Customization allows you to pair the right food with the style of your event and the tastes of your guests. And, if you’re unsure which foods pair well together, Garry’s can help curate the perfect menu and combinations. 

Choose a Variety of Dishes

One dish is likely not going to serve the needs of all of your guests. That’s why finding a catering service that gives you an abundance of food options is important. This also means you’ll want to make sure you have multiple options for every course, from starters to desserts. Additionally, serving options such as create-your-own salads, tacos, or sandwiches allow your guests to pick and choose their preferences. Further, including a wide assortment of dishes is important for accommodating guests with food sensitivities or allergies.

Complement Food with Drinks

event catering menus drinks

There’s more to creating a delicious meal than just finding the right food. Pairing your meals with the perfect drink will add another level of sophistication and taste. In general, stick to acidic drinks for heavier foods and sweet drinks to balance out salty or spicy dishes. Once you’ve chosen beverages to complement the menu, our trained bartenders can recommend drinks that enhance the food and cocktails. However, don’t forget to include some non-alcoholic beverages for younger attendees or those choosing not to drink alcohol.

Garry’s Grill is known for delicious catering options, excellent service, and beautiful food displays. We have proudly provided catering services for events all throughout the Severna Park area and beyond. Call us today at 410-544-0499 and start arranging a custom catering menu.