Q&A with General Manager, Nick Bordenski

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a big fan of Garry’s (and we’re a big fan of you, too). That being said, you may have come across a few familiar faces in the restaurant over the years. And, if you’ve ever visited us for Sunday brunch or a midday lunch, perhaps you’ve seen our wonderful General Manager, Nick Bordenski. This week, we sat down with Nick to ask him a few questions about his life and his time here at Garry’s. So, without further ado, follow along with our Q&A with Nick Bordenski and get to know him!

Nick Bordenski with his wife, Tiffany, and two daughters.

Pictured: Nick Bordenski with his wife, Tiffany, their oldest daughter, Christina, and their youngest daughter, Sophia.

Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your role at Garry’s?

A: I am currently the General Manager at Garry’s. I have worked here since August 2005 and work closely with Eddie on day-to-day operations. This is everything from catering to customer interactions.

Q: You said you have worked at Garry’s since 2005. What was your job back then?

A: Originally, I started out being hired 3 days a week, basically putting away the truck. I was a stock boy, responsible for the daily deliveries. After that, I started bussing tables. While I was bussing tables, I started helping out running the Expo station. This is running the food to the customers. That’s when Garry realized I had an interest in food. He [Garry] gave me a position cooking and working in the kitchen helping the cooks. From there, I moved up to catering and then to management. Now I am the general manager.

Q: You have been working here for a long time. How do you feel about the local community of Severna Park?

A: I love the community. The people are awesome. There is never a dull moment at Garry’s. The best part is that they become more than just customers. Especially with our catering clients. When we go to events, like weddings, you really get to know them. It’s an amazing experience. I love being involved with new clients and the ones we have known. We actually just catered a wedding for a friend of my wife’s. They have known each other since grade school, so it’s nice to see a part of their big day.

Q: Speaking of your wife, Tiffany, you are also Eddie’s brother-in-law. Can you tell us the story of how you met your wife?

A: So, we actually met here [Garry’s]. She [Tiffany] was a busser at the same time I was a busser. I worked mornings, she worked nights on the weekends. The funny story is that she actually needed me to cover one of her shifts. I guess she wanted to go out of town with her friends. But, apparently, she didn’t want to ask me so she had her brother, Eddie, ask me. So, I ended up working her shift. We did end up talking. Eddie actually got us both to go on a date, and we were off.

Q: Swoon. I guess you really can’t top that. My next question would be what’s your favorite menu item?
Nick Bordenski with his two daughters

Pictured: Christina, Nick, and Sophia Bordenski

A: It’s our Baja Pasta. It’s always just been that one dish. And, it’s actually one of the first dishes I learned to cook here at Garry’s. It’s really good and fun to make. It has spicy chorizo sausage in it with pasta, and I love making pasta.

Q: What should someone consider before entering into this industry?

A: Just go for it all. Don’t think about just focusing on one aspect or a specific thing. It’s about flexibility and being able to multitask. You have to be able to do many different things. Most importantly, being able to talk to customers. No matter where you are at in the restaurant business, you’ll end up interacting with customers and talking with them.

Q: Random one. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

A: Dog (laughs). I have two dogs named Layla and Gunner.

Q: Last question: If you want anyone to know something about Garry’s what would it be?

A: You will love the experience. From walking in the door to the servers to the managers, and the food. You’ll enjoy yourself. We want to make sure everyone has a good time. Even if you have specific food requests or allergies. I know my daughter has some, so we try to accommodate all our guests. So, yeah, the overall experience is great.

Next time you stop by Garry’s for a bite, be sure to say hello to Nick. Especially if you order the Baja Pasta! And, be sure to check out additional employee highlights on our cook, Fabian and pastry chef, Natalie. Garry’s truly wouldn’t be the same without them.